Static Website

Static web page is delivered to the user exactly as stored.

Dynamic Website

dynamic website can contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting to generate the changing content.

CMS Development

An enterprise CMS today is more than a content update engine and has rather transformed itself into a digital customer, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Hippo.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce development services provides an incredible online shopping experience through an easy to use ecommerce sites


As per the current scenario and fast growing Technological Grip, a website is necessary for a business whether it is small scale or large industry. A website can be used as a Marketing Tool, Business Promotion Platform, Brand Builder, Business Profile Creator and Business Re-presenter or all of the above. It can also be used for storing your valuable data, accounting and asset inventory. A website is also necessary to show your existence in the online world thus a website is only way to do so.

Let's look at some good reasons why a School, Corporate, or Business-to-Business company, should have a website - the main of which is to gain more customers and improve the bottom line:

Benefit of Website


This is a very good reason for a school, corporate or B2B company to have a website. Your website in this case forms part of your corporate branding, in the first place, and through the content and imagery that you publish on the site, conveys a certain message with regards to who you are and what services you offer. If you don't have a website, or if your website is badly designed, your potential customers will definitely have doubts about your standing, stature and trustworthiness.


We have already said that most vendor selection decisions are not based on directly finding a supplier on the Internet and in case of admission of student its more critical, however, you can be certain that the people responsible for vendor or school selection (especially when looking for play school) might do a quick search in the search engines to look at potential suppliers or service providers or play schools.


You can use your website to improve your services. Use the interactive mechanisms on your website to run surveys and get feedback on your quality of service or general customer satisfaction.


If you are looking for cost effective advertising, look no further than a corporate website that is well designed. It can convey much more information than original print advertising such as a brochure and even better - the information that you publish can always be fresh. If you consider the costs of print advertising, and compare this with the costs of website design there is actually no comparison - your website will win hands down every time.


Communicate with your existing and potential clients through your website by making use of mailing lists and newsletters. You can notify clients of new product releases, special offers and general news of the company or school. All of these contribute to building relationships and generating more business from existing clients. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to justify the Return on Investment (ROI) of a corporate website, since it is more difficult to directly track the relationship between website design costs and customer conversions, but really - can your company afford to be without one? If you want to gain more customers and improve your bottom line it is absolutely essential to have a website.

Types of Websites:

Mainly there are three types of websites can be seen over internet. Below mentioned are the some basic differences and their natures:

1. Static Website

• A static website is having the pages freezed at the time of Designing. An owner or user cannot change the content or photographs of the website. These changes can only be done by programmer.
• Each page displays the same information to every visitor. Static sites are the most basic type of website.
• A static website does not have any database linked. Each web page is a separate document and there are no external files that are drawn upon.
• This works well for small websites, but it can make difficult to maintain for large sites with hundreds or thousands of pages.

2. Dynamic Website

• Basically, a dynamic website is nothing but in-built software along with a website. This software may have all the user defined facilities as billing software, tracking software, Bulk SMS sender or your complete accounting software.
• There will be LogIn rights to access this software or this software can be used publically through website.
• Dynamic websites have all the advantages over static websites. Apart from audience expectations around websites and content, the way we search, engage and participate with brands online has changed. Here are a few simple reasons to use a dynamic website.
• Cost over time is less expensive. The ability to add content, change content and control your content will ensure you do not need to pay anyone to make these changes, or changes will require less time.
• Complete control over content and calls to action.
• Ability to build multiple landing pages, campaign pages etc, effectively becoming multiple websites in one.
• Unique and optimized content that can travel to specific audiences and bring them back to the website.
• Capturing User Generated Content and user participation.
• Monitoring how audiences are navigating through your website, what content they are looking at, where they are coming from and who is sending people to your website, what keywords they are using to search for you, where they are leaving your website and a whole host of other.

3. E-Commerce Website

• An e-Commerce Website is mainly used for online shopping products. This type of websites have the functionality to differentiate the products by so many user defined filters and category wise etc.
• E-Commerce website also has in-built accounting software for calculating the prices or other payments as it is being used for online shopping.
• E-Commerce website at least has software for selecting or working within it. This type of website always displays different things to different users as user selects what he wants to see.

External Requirements and Add-ons:

Mainly there are three essential requirements for a website while there may be so many Add-Ons for same. Below mentioned is the list for mandatory requirements of a website:

• Domain Name (like This is mandatory to run a website and its registration will be done minimum for 1 year.
• Web/Server space is required for hosting the website on the registered domain. Server Space can be taken for 1 Month to life time.
• Database Hosting Server is required for Hosting the Dynamic or e-Commerce websites or all those websites having database.
Below mentioned services are not mandatory but Add-Ons as per requirement while all the things have some cost and there are different service providers for each service:
• Payment Gateway: This term and service is used when someone wants the online transaction facility in their website.
• SMS Gateway: This service is used when someone wants to send some alerts or information automatically for defined users.
• Code Numbers: This service is used when someone wants the alerts or any message or call statistics. The website will read all the messages and reply on same number as per pre-defined template.
• There are two types of numbers; one is short code like 567676.
• And another is 10 digit number like 1232323232.
• Logo Design: A logo should be designed for promoting your business as well as website. It is created in Designing Software and can be designed by a web designer as they use the graphics in the website.
• Flash Banners: Flash banners are todays need for an attractive website and almost websites are having at least one flash banner which is created by a website designer in Designing Software.
• Machines: A website can be linked to software which will be linked to "Attendance Machine", "Bar-Code Reader Machine" etc. This functionality is used for generating the reports online.

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